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What’s The Difference Between Writing A Research Paper Or A Thesis?

APA research paperpaper writing helpterm paper writing servicewrite papers onlinewriting service / February 22, 2017 /

Most students have to write either a thesis or a research paper in their course. However, what exactly is the difference between the two? These words are often treated as interchangeable but at the same time, they are different from one another. Though these differences are hardly glaring in nature, they still exist and it is necessary for students to understand what these are in order to complete their paper in a more efficient manner.

Relative importance of the two types of papers

Most institutions give a lot more importance to thesis papers on various subjects but research papers are more personal, being based off individual subjects and having to explain the role of the author in the project.

Subject matter

  • When you are writing a research paper, keep in mind that the subject matter must be individual and the entire paper needs to be single subject oriented or at least a part of the subject. There should be a clear focus regarding the main idea of the paper as the reader is familiar with the subject matter of interest.
  • However, when you are writing a thesis paper, it is not necessary that you need to stick to a single point and maintain focus but at times, this must also be necessary.

Perspective of the Author

  • It is unlikely that a research paper will ever be a total compilation. It might hold collected details but it must present ideas that are both newly found as well as carefully curated from before. The author must take the initiative to invest his ideas as well as the work process into the paper.
  • In the cases of the thesis, however, it is necessarily not required to contain any new ideas on the part of the author. It may be simply a compilation of what you have learnt in various stages.

Degree of proximity

  • The research paper must be developed over an extended period of time and state only the observed truth. This does not have any kind of proximity. Whatever turns out to be the conclusion of the research paper is considered to be true and obvious since the statements are written once the whole research has been completed.
  • In the case of a thesis, however, this is entirely different. A lot of theses exist, rooted in the subject of philosophy, that seem to be entirely true in theory but in reality are actually false.