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Creating A Top-Level Research Paper Outline On Career

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The first step you should take when it comes to writing a top-level research paper on career, is to create an outline. An outline can be very helpful while writing and it can give you a plan for your topic. Many students rely on this concept and you should too. But how to create a good outline? This is a common question we are willing to answer. We will give you some useful tips on how to create an outline for a research paper on career. Just keep reading.

The research problem

After choosing your topic, you should think about the main problem or question of your research paper. Try to find it and write it down. You can also do research before you decide, because there are always many points of view when it comes to a particular topic. Make sure to pick a good question you will be able to answer in the paper. You can make some notes on that question and how you will answer it. Those notes will help you while writing.

The main categories

The next step is to identify the main categories. You should divide your topic in several parts. What are the main points and how will you write about them? Those categories have to be covered in the paper and you should also write some notes on that. When you pick your first category, that will be an introduction, you should keep in mind to use background information in order to make It easier for the reader to understand your topic. Try to define the terms and explain what you will be doing. You will write short notes in the outline for this part. It’s just a reminder for you that you will use while writing.


The subcategories are very important for the whole paper. You will always be able to look at the outline and see what you want to include in those subcategories. Make sure to make some bullet points where you will know what you need to write about. It’s very important that one category carries one idea. Don’t mix it up and don’t confuse the reader. One category is unique and should have some points related to it. Make sure to organize the outline so it’s easy for you to read it and understand it. Be clear and precise with simple sentences.