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4 Answers To The Question “How To Cite Sources For A Research Paper”

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Citation in research and essay work is basically a brief reference to the references or source of the information being added in the paper in which you add sufficient data and bibliographical history of the work enabling the evaluators to find the source of the content. How to write citation is a question that many students asked during their school or college life. If you are one such student looking for help and knowledge about the format, structure, and data to be added in a citation then take a glance at this article for the details. This article is going to throw light on the sources of citation of the research paper.

What should be provided in a citation?

A citation as defined is a reference to sources you included in your paper but unlike the introduction and abstract, it doesn’t provide brief information about the place. Less information contained in a citation is considered as incomplete and you need to add ample amount of information that is required to locate the source easily. A citation can be any form printed, electronic, magazines, newspaper etc. which can be used as the data reference to your work.

Citation of books

All types citations are different. If you are citing an article then there will be different format while in the case of the book a completely different approach. Adding the exact place of publication can do the citation of a book, which also includes the name of the publisher and the dates of publishing. The publication date is generally in years instead of date or month.

Citing Articles

The article that is published either in a book; magazines or newspaper is distinguished completely from the book. In the case of citing an article, you need to mention the title of the article, the title of the journal or newspaper, the volume in case of journal and newspaper name in the newspaper and the pages to be referred. In the case of the periodical article, the citation includes the particular date and the writer, publisher of it.

Why Cite?

Cite is mainly done to inform the evaluators and the reader about the source that we followed in our work. The source reference can prove the authenticity and reliability of our work. It is also used for creating an index and abstracting the services, electronic databases, and bibliographies. Although there is no standard style of citation we can cite different sources according to the reader convenience and making a little different in the case of different types of sources.